Vol. 220 – Journey to Silius

This week we have our Community Spotlight Episode with Fact Checker to the Fact Checker, Tyler Watson (@Daimaoh1985), an SMB cart sells for $660K, Pac-Man 99 drops on the Nintendo Switch, & Jason Reviews Journey to Silius for the #NES.

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Vol. 217 – Trials of Mana

This week, Jason has to make good on his bet with @TheRealBigWall and shave his moustache to look like Hulk Hogan‘s, Activision/Blizzard lays off 50 employees and gives the CEO a huge bonus, Transparent Retro consoles are back in style, This Month in Video Game History, & Derek reviews Trials of Mana. #Retrogames #Retro

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Vol. 215 – LoZ: Oracle of Seasons/Ages

This week we have a Community Spotlight Episode with DonnerPartyof5 (@DeadPodRyan) of the Dead Podcast Society Podcast! We talk about the supposed new Switch model due this year, Nintendo giving the WiiU an update out of nowhere, SEGA plans for Sonic’s 30th Anniversary, This Month in Video Game History, & Derek reviews LoZ-Oracle of Seasons/Ages.

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Vol. 214 – Donkey Kong Roundtable

This week, Mortal Kombat II Arcadu1Up machines are available for preorder, Republic Commando blasts onto PS4/5 & Switch, an incredibly rare SEGA arcade game found rotting in a field in Ireland, This Month in Video Game History, & we have a retrospective discussion of the Donkey Kong series. #Retrogaming

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Vol. 210 – Metroid Roundtable


This week, Capcom overhauls their RE4 remake, Blizzard brings in Vicarious Visions to help with Diablo 2 remake, Plex launches a new online “Arcade” feature, & Nate (@RetroGamingDev) returns to the show to talk with us about the entire Metroid series. #Retrogaming

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Vol. 205 – Home Alone (SNES)

This week, Actraiser soundtrack is getting a vinyl and cd release, Among Us surprise launches on the Nintendo Switch, #Disney+ is getting a metric ton of new Marvel and Star Wars programming, & then Jason reviews Home Alone for the #SNES. #Retro

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Vol. 203 – Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (Remaster)

This week, Super Nintendo World opens in Japan in February, SEGA had a VR headset in the 90’s, DOOM: Eternal on the Switch is huge, This Month in Video Game History, & we review Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (Remaster) for the Nintendo Switch.

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NCR Flashback

This week, while Derek is on vacation, we look back at the early days of the Nerd Cave Retro Show. This is a crossover episode with the Nerd Cave and the Pop Culture Palate episode. Originally released June 28, 2015, this episode features Jason, Derek,  Official NCR Fact Checker Wally Phelps, Comic book artist Steve Scott, and of course Robbie Rawls, & Zack Dykes.

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Vol. 200 – Chrono Trigger

We made it to 200! This episode, a new Gameboy game called Dragonborne is coming in 2021, Retrogame Ugly-sweaters are gonna be the rage, This Month in Video Game History, & Jason and Derek both review the SNES classic, Chrono Trigger.

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Vol. 192 – Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3


This week, the Polymega looks to be an awesome retro console, Nintendo might release and upgraded Switch in 2021, Puma releasing Mario 35th Anniversary sneakers, & Derek reviews Wario land: Super Mario Land 3 for the GameBoy. #Retrogames

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