Vol. 212 – Bonk’s Adventure

This week, Jason Momoa may be the voice of Knuckles in Sonic 2, LEGO is making a Sonic Mania themed set, Resident Evil returns to the big screen, the NES is getting a new game, & a new Kickstarter by Howard Phillips called GameMaster Classified needs your money, and Derek reviews Bonk’s Adventure for the TurboGrafx-16. #Retrogames

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Vol. 211 – Resident Evil 3 Remake

This week we are joined for our Community Spotlight with Carlos Longoria (@IAmTheRampage1) about his role in the NCR Community, & he joins us to talk about Netflix’s newest Sonic Prime series coming in 2022, a newly unearthed NES Ducktales Prototype, and then Jason reviews the Resident Evil 3 Remake.

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NCR Commentary – SMB Super Show/Sonic X

It’s that time of the month again! This month we are joined as usual by Mr. Wally Phelps (@TheRealBigWall) to commentate on Super Mario Bros Super Show S1:E3 “King Mario of Cramalot” & Sonic X S1:E1 “Chaos Control Freaks”. Both episodes can be found on Netflix. Enjoy!!

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Vol. 210 – Metroid Roundtable


This week, Capcom overhauls their RE4 remake, Blizzard brings in Vicarious Visions to help with Diablo 2 remake, Plex launches a new online “Arcade” feature, & Nate (@RetroGamingDev) returns to the show to talk with us about the entire Metroid series. #Retrogaming

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Vol. 209 – LoZ: The Wind Waker


This week, Derek Returns! We talk about a Steam competitor catering to Retro Games called Bleem, an SNES Back to the Future RPG that we almost got, Amazon accidentally spills Metroid Prime 4 release date, This Month in Video Game History, & Derek reviews Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for the Nintendo GameCube.

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Vol. 208 – Among Us

This week, Lucasfilm games and Ubisoft team up for new Star Wars gaming adventures, Mike Tyson wants to make a new Punch-Out!! game with Nintendo, This Month in Video Game History, & Wally Phelps (@TheRealBigWall) fills in for Derek and reviews the indie smash hit, Among Us

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Vol. 207 – Resident Evil HD Remaster

This week, we do our community spotlight section with NCR Discord Community Manager @Bethany_Fox1, Wally Phelps (@TheRealBigWall) fills in for Derek as we discuss Gerard Butler being cast as Kratos in the God of War film, will we get a 4K Switch Pro this year, Toshihiro Nagoshi is up for another F-Zero game, and Jason reviews Resident Evil HD Remaster for the Nintendo Switch.

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NCR Christmas Commentary Tracks


Ho! Ho! Ho! This month we are commentating on two, count ’em TWO Christmas episodes from the best animated shows of our youth. The first is The Real Ghostbusters (S1: Ep. 13) “Xmas Marks the Spot”, and then we finish with Batman: The Animated Series (S1: Ep. 38) “Christmas with the Joker”. Thank you so much for supporting the show and we couldn’t do these without YOU! So that being said, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you all!

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Vol. 206 – Top 5 Games We Played This Year

This week, The Astro-Mini from Sega might be worth the money, Capcom shows off footage of Ghost’s N’ Goblins Remake, KFC made a console for some reason, and we do our Top 5 Games We Played This Year. #Retrogaming

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Vol. 205 – Home Alone (SNES)

This week, Actraiser soundtrack is getting a vinyl and cd release, Among Us surprise launches on the Nintendo Switch, #Disney+ is getting a metric ton of new Marvel and Star Wars programming, & then Jason reviews Home Alone for the #SNES. #Retro

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